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The mean bitches page, the ruthless owmen who dont give a dam about weak men. They are verbally abusive, mean, nasty and generally just want to make you feel as miserable as possible. They don't care if you leave in tears, they do not use safe words, they are  brutal, sadistic and ready to make your life a living misery. more mean bitches here

if you think you can handle the power of verbal humiliation and domination you will recieve from these online women then go on ahead and enter the free chat rooms. They do not care about your feelings. They thrive on whatthey do and hearign you beg, plead and ask constantly for mercy as they laugh in your face, spit on you and slap you is what they do best, They will threaten you with blackmail or exposing your pictures if you do not do EXACTLY as they demand of you.  Our strapon cams online
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Mean but with that sexy twist, using the power of the body and mind to get what they want, they bark commands at you, they come across as dictators, arrogant, aggressive and really come over as not giving a shit about the brutality they are about to put you through, Blackmailing you, financially ruining you,degrading, humiliating and  slapping you around are how these mean bitches get off. They thrive on power and control, they are always the dominant one in the crowd that you have to watch out for.

They enjoy what they do and it always shows, when they power dress, and remind you off their superiority, that they are in control, they manipulate and describe in detail how they will pull your ass cheeks apart and invade your tight little sissy hole. They wont let you wank, they wont let you have any enjoyment, all they do is force more brutality and sadism on to you. welcome to the world of mean bitches online where what you say is ignored and laughed at and pain inflicted instead. foot worship online

These mean women have told all slaves they do not believe in safe words, they do not care about your feelings, they have no interest in showing any mercy to you and most of all you are a no one to them. Begin cruel anal training right here;
What kind of things will these mean women do to me on cam?
Below is just a rough idea of some of the things and tasks these cruel ladies may demand of you in a cam session
cock and ball torture
Wax/candle play
Financially ruin you
Abuse your ass
Blackmail you on cam
Take pictures of you and post online
Team viewer and control of your pc
Call your family, workmates friends
Take control of your facebook,twitter, snapchat or what ever social media you may use.

Forced feminzation
Cum eating
​Ass spanking,whipping,flogging
Forced bi-sexual
Make you drink your own piss

Recording you on video
Demanding you shave  your pubic hair
Ultimate humiliation scenarios
Forced intoxification, poppers, alcohol, smoking
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Cruel women with Nasty ideas
Lick my boots suck my sweaty feet  slave
Suck my dirty spikey heels
Worship my panties suck the stains out them you loser
Put Mistresses Panties on and keep them on all day
Spread those sissy fuck cheeks
Ready to eat cum?
Time for pet slave training cams
You are a cock sucker
Pay your cum tax lOSER Gimp
Drink my pee dicklette
Time to restrain you - bondage  - collar and cuffs
 Blackmail, chastity, lifestyle, slave and domination Contracts
Roleplay scenarios await you or REAL evil sessions where no  safe word and you must pass over your real details phone number, facebook etc

Pay pigs always sought for live training, we enjoy taking all pay pigs to full financial ruin. You work only to serve us, you work only to buy us luxuries, your ass belongs to us, you will suck cock when we say so 
Our Cruel, sadistic mean females love to watch you crawl around the floor naked as they humiliate and degrade you.